November 17, 2007

Happy Adoption Day

Today is National Adoption Day. In many town halls, court rooms, homes, and libraries around the U.S., you'll find adoption celebrations.

My home will be one of those that pause for a moment to celebrate 'forever family' with adopted children (three little boys, in fact). Since my kids are young (the oldest is nine; the youngest is four), I'll be doing some hands adoption celebrating (See below). And some celebrating that tastes good too.

Adoption Activities
Reading the book Forever Fingerprints (by Sherrie Eldridge)
This picture book 'deftly guides children to two essential concepts: sadness over missing birthparents is normal, and adoptive parents can be sensitive supporters for their children's grief.'

Braided Ribbons Coloring Project (by Sherrie Eldridge)
This activity was inspired by Psalm 139:16b. In Ms. Eldridge's words, “Every single day of my life was planned before any one of them ever came to be.”

Have a good day of adoption discovery, acceptance, healing, and CELEBRATION.

Sherrie Eldridge, Adoption Speaker and Author with an amazing story
Adoption Lifebooks
National Adoption Day

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