November 9, 2007

A Path to God

Today, as guest blogger for National Adoption Month, we have Ane Mulligan. Here's her story.

"God blessed me with an adoptive father who pointed me to the Lord by showing me what a loving father was like. I’ve never really struggled with faith; Daddy set an example before my brother and me. He was a father who disciplined yet loved unconditionally.

He was slightly indulgent but firm. And we never once doubted that we were loved and wanted. I was able to understand and trust God as my Heavenly Father through Daddy, living his faith out in actions and not just words.

Mama believed in me from day one. She encouraged me in all that I did, and she taught me by her life what a being a Christian wife is all about. She and Daddy never raised their voices to one another in all their 62 years of marriage.

When Mama went to be with Jesus, Daddy followed her within 4 months. Both were 89. They set before me a path to God that was easy to follow. I’ve been married to my beloved husband for 37 years and trusting God all my life."

Thanks, Ane for your story.

Ane Mulligan
American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Zone Officer
May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi

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