December 1, 2007

Do black folk read enough?

The following paragraphs are from Angela, the blackromancereader's blog, where I found myself a few days ago while searching for why black's don't read. I know what you're thinking, 'Linda sure does some crazy Web searches.' That's just how I think about (too much maybe). This is what Angela was thinking ...

"African-American imprints were borne from publishers’ sudden realization that yes, black folks do read, and further exploded with the success of Terry MacMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane, et al, but what about other non-white and non-black ethnicities? With an apology for making a blanket statement, I theorize that the lack of desire or clamor for imprints, or even just a larger slice of the pie, from non-black and non-white Americans is because for the most part, they’ve “assimilated”, or assimilation is the goal.

Because of slavery and Jim Crow, blacks formed a separate culture that existed within American culture, and as a result, we’re more adamant about having our “own” things because to be honest, a lot of black Americans view white Americans with suspicion and mistrust. However, with a growing Hispanic population (16% compared to 13% for African-Americans), will this soon change? Will Hispanics/Latinos want their “own” imprints etc that reflect themselves and their culture within the context of mainstream society? What of Asians? Or even Muslims of all ethnicities? Or will black Americans continue to have their “own” things because of past hurts and resentments? I think I’m rambling here, but I do wonder whether using every opportunity to separate has more cons than pros, or is it a somewhat “wise” move in the wake of Jena Six, nooses and Buckwheat? For non-blacks, who view assimilation as the key to being “American”, being immigrants, does it have more pros than cons in the scheme of just going to the romance section and not having a separate imprint for your own ethnicity? Or is there a bit of resentment that your voice is “smaller” than the African-American voice?"

So what are your thoughts?

(Note: btw, I don't know this Angela, self-proclaimed blackromancereader. I don't even read so-called black romance. I just happened into her world and wanted to hear your thoughts).


A. M. Wilson said...

Hello, Linda. I found you on the ACFW Southeast Zone list. :-) I took the survey, though I'm not one of the blessed to have a natural tan. :-) I freckle, unfortunately. LOL

I love what I've read so far. I, too, believe we who follow Christ have fallen short of loving EVERYONE as He calls us to do. I don't know how much I'll get back to your blog (I don't even write much on my own right now :-(), but I wanted to give you a huge AMEN from one sister to another. :)

In Christ,

super girl said...

Hi, Allison. Thanks for taking the survey and thanks for stopping by to show support. Please do stop by again.

My prayer is, as I'm sure yours is too, that Christ continue to work His calling of reconciliation through us in the world. That is the cross, after all.

Continue to sow John 17 seeds for Him.

Thanks again for dropping in. Take care.