December 14, 2007

Survey Comments: Author Pat Simmons

Today we have Pat Simmons's survey comments on 17seeds. Pat is nosy by nature. She’s known for making friends where ever she goes.

She praises God for the inspiration to write, and the “village people” for helping her get the job done. Her novels include Guilty of Love (September 2007) and Talk To Me (November 2008).


Here are her survey comments:
I think most white agents/publishers/bookstores don't understand the black experience so they can't relate to the issues and lifestyles we write about.

As a new Christian Fiction author, a large percentage of my readers/buyers are white women, and I get positive feedback from them. This tells me that if African-American books were available in CBA [Christian Booksellers Association] or Family Bookstores, customers would buy them.


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FeatherIron said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I also lead a book club at my church so I am ordering your book to read. Thanks so much for the good word about Reconciliation Blues, I can't wait to read it AND your book.

Thanks again and God bless.

l. l. hargrove said...

You are so welcome, Carole. I think you'll really like Reconciliation Blues.

Thanks for ordering my book and thanks for dropping by. Take care.