December 7, 2007

Survey Comments: Part II

This is what Lisa Nuchell shared, "Until I started writing, I didn't hear much about African-American Christian fiction. Most A-A fiction is categorized as A-A or mainstream fiction. I had a hard time finding A-A Christian authors on the web. I still get excited when I discover that a particular Christian author is African-American."

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Barbara Ogwu says, "Truthfully, I am a non-fiction lover. I love biographies, history, true survivor stories, self help, KJV or NIV bible and other biblical writings, etc.

I will never choose a book...just has black characters. I will not rule it out for that same reason. My interests are in characters and situations that are true and real."

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Allison Wilson's comments: "I'm not a person of color, but I have reviewed and critiqued several books by African-American authors which I enjoyed, thoroughly. I tend to lean much more toward the suspense/mystery genre and haven't looked for specific books by AA authors in this genre.

I, honestly, don't care how deeply tanned the characters are ( :-) ) as long as the story is well written and the characters are real."

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Well, that's all for now. More results/comments next week alongside my interviews with Sharon Ewell Foster and Cecilia Dowdy.

Thanks Lisa, Barbara, and Allison for taking the survey and for agreeing to have your comments posted. I really appreciate your input.

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