December 18, 2007

Survey Comments: Part III

Today we have more comments from the Fiction Readers Survey (see the right sidebar for details). The responses from the survey have been quite interesting.

Here are some from earlier this month:

Mark says:
I wasn't sure how to answer some of these questions, since I don't really seek out African-American Christian fiction by itself. I'm more interested in finding a captivating story...if the lead is black, white, Chinese, whatever, so be it.

Todd Michael Greene says:
The ethnicity of neither the characters nor the author plays in role in my decision to purchase a novel or not. I'm only interested in the story and the telling of it. (Visit Todd online at

Norm MacDonald says:
Obviously could not answer a couple since I, nor my wife has ever purchased African American Christian fiction. Not by design, I suppose, but nonetheless, we have not.

I am 56 years old. Where I grew up, in the Pacific Northwest, African Americans were not allowed to live in our town. They lived across the river. It was an "unwritten law". I did not go to school with a person of any color until I was in college.

I still struggle with the issue of race. Diversity is hard for me. But I am learning.*

Katie Hart says:
I do read some African American Christian fiction, but for me they're a step into another culture. Also, much of it seems to be romance or women's fiction, while I prefer suspense and fantasy. (visit aspiring author Katie Hart at


That's all for now. More tomorrow.
*[edited for length]